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Bio-Fertilizers Market Rapid Growth and Status Detailed in a Recent Research Report

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The global demand for bio-fertilizers is expected to rise because of growing consumer preference for organic food. Factors such as increased health consciousness, environmental awareness and rising disposable income are causing an extraordinary demand for organic foods globally. Due to increase in demand for food and decline in the total arable land, growing adoption of soil fertility management continues to increase, giving a major rise to the bio-fertilizers market, owing to their environment-friendly and chemical-free nature.

Bio-fertilizers are made from human, organic and animal wastes and are sustainable in nature. Bio-fertilizers consist of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and fungi, alone, or in combination, and they enhance nutrient availability in plants by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and dissolving the phosphorus present in the soil. These substances contain living microorganisms which promote plant growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Bio-fertilizers are supplement to chemical fertilizers; they are cheap and can reduce the cost of cultivation.

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The global bio-fertilizers market can be categorized on the basis of different type of bio-fertilizers, type of crop and type of micro-organism. Based on type of bio-fertilizers, the global bio-fertilizers market can be divided into nitrogen-fixing, potash-mobilizing and phosphate-solubilizing bio-fertilizers.

Though chemical fertilizers increase crop production and yield, their overuse harms the environment and the soil, which is a key restraint in the global bio-fertilizers market. Some of the hazardous impacts of bio-fertilizers include decreased soil fertility, hardened soil, release of harmful greenhouse gases and polluted air and water.

Major competitors in the global bio-fertilizers market are Novozymes, Symborg, Labiofam, Agri Life, Ajay Bio-Tech Ltd., Antibiotice Iași, Biomax Life Sciences Limited and others. Ajay Bio-Tech Ltd. is concentrating its resources on western markets along with the Asian markets, as it believes that demand for bio-fertilizers in western countries will rise due to the extra emphasis laid on organic food and eco-friendly agriculture practices.

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